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Step-by-Step Loan Process

Used Vehicle Loan Process (Includes Motorcycles, ATVs, Boats, RVs and Trailers)

We believe finding and financing your next vehicle loan should be easy and convenient. Here's how to make sure it happens that way!

  • The credit union will need to have a loan application filed for each loan.
  • The credit union will need current verification of income. This includes your most recent paystub from your employer. If you have other sources of income you want included as part of your qualification, you will need to provide appropriate verification. This includes income from spouses or other joint applicants and could include a copy of a paystub, 1099 forms, complete income tax form and/or forms from the Social Security Administration, etc.
  • Feel free to give us a call or stop by ad see us for pre-approval. We can pre-approve your loan to determine the amount you are qualified to receive. Knowing your loan qualification amount can help you to better negotiate with the dealer.
  • Once you've decided what vehicle you want to buy, you are required to provide the credit union the following information from the dealer:
    1. A copy of the front of the title. We loan 100% of NADA retail on used vehicles.
    2. A copy of the lien release if a lien is shown on the title.
    3. A copy of the front of the buyer's statement.
    4. A copy of the car fax if the vehicle has an out of state title.
  • For vehicle loans over $2000.00, we require proof of full coverage insurance that lists the credit union as loss payee. The deductible on such insurance policy must be $500.00 or less.
  • Loan payments should be made through payroll deduction or by automatic draft from your bank account.The credit union will provide our lien information to the dealer to ensure that we perfect our lien within the appropriate time frame. Having this information correct will make the titling process easier for you. The credit union maintains possession of all titles for safekeeping.
  • Let us know if we can assist you.









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