$1000 minimum balance

3 months**(5.25% on new money) 4.06% APY*
6 months**(5.25% on new money) 4.32% APY*
9 months*****FEATURED RATE***** 5.61% APY*
12 months **(5.25% on new money) 4.32% APY*
18 months **(5.25% on new money) 4.58% APY*
24 months**(5.25% on new money) 4.84% APY*
30 months**(5.25% on new money) 5.09% APY*
*APY = Annual percentage yield. Rates subject to change. Call for complete details.

A Certificate of Deposit is a safe and secure account in which to invest money for a stated maturity. The return will be the original deposit plus any interest earned. The interest paid to the depositor depends on the interest rate and term the depositor agrees to at initial deposit. Standard CD early withdrawal penalties apply. Minimum balances do apply.

**New money only includes funds that have originated from an outside financial institution, or funds that have been on deposit with this credit union for less than 30 days prior to issuance of CD.